The Reluctant Mother

Prologue Note: This sample is pre-publication and is subject to change. Abruzzo, Italy The Abruzzo is a place in the world that falls under the mantle of “outstanding natural beauty”. Nestled in the Apennines on the Adriatic coast, it is one of those areas of Italy with villages and farms sitting atop seemingly inaccessible peaks.Continue reading “The Reluctant Mother”

Prolog — Part 2

The thrill of the sea spray, the wind, the bouncing and jostling of the Zodiac always excited him. He could think of nothing he would prefer at three in the morning. Stefano had the compass and kept waving directions when he veered, pushed off course by an unforgiving sea. The chop got worse as CapriContinue reading “Prolog — Part 2”

He’d Speared a Squid

When I saw that scene in Game of Thrones, where they throned Rob Stark, it reminded me of squid fishing in the Bay of Naples, January ninety-four. “The king in the North! The king in the North!” they clamoured, raising tankards and slurping ale while covered in bearskins and wearing swords. There were no bearskinsContinue reading “He’d Speared a Squid”

Just a taste

‘What will you do?’ Jake asked her. She shrugged and looked across the Potomac. A dampness in her underarms was irritating her. It wasn’t that hot. Being called to see the director caused the sweat to overpower her roll-on and stain the underarms of her pantsuit. Or so she thought. She didn’t have much experienceContinue reading “Just a taste”

Release Schedule (revised)

Here’s the PH Publishing planned release schedule for 2020, the year of perfect vision. A Prelude to War A Prelude to War, The Milesians was released on February 28th. It is the tale of a king who is too weak to rule, a queen who is defiled by one from whom she sought succor andContinue reading “Release Schedule (revised)”

Phil Hughes

The following interviews were conducted after the release of The Alcoholic Mercenary. Interview 1 This interview was conducted by EJ from BusyWords: My guest today is Phil Hughes, who published his 17th historical novel last month, The Alcoholic Mercenary.  I was interested to meet him because he achieved what many of us dream of inContinue reading “Phil Hughes”

The Reticent Detective – Trailer – Due for release in the autumn

The Love Nest Laconto could not believe his luck as he stopped at the bedroom door and looked down on the near naked form of Welch. She was tangled in the top sheet, all that was needed in the balmy autumn nights, looking like she’d been wrestling a crocodile. Tray in hand, he moved toContinue reading “The Reticent Detective – Trailer – Due for release in the autumn”