Foreword: A Technical Approach to Novel Writing

Writing is hard. Writing, is hard. Writing: it’s hard. From early on in one’s writing journey, speed bumps, pitfalls, and diversions can stifle creativity and cast a shadow over the work. Writing is hard. It’s easy to include purple prose, adjectives, POV issues, plot holes, passive writing, and using a go-to word or phrase 437Continue reading “Foreword: A Technical Approach to Novel Writing”

A Technical Approach to Novel Writing

As professional writers, we are currently under attack from both cowboys looking for a route to easy money and AI. It has got to the point where the cowboys — without the requisite skills — are using AI to disguise their charlatanism. One way to counter the attack is through quality. The output from charlatansContinue reading “A Technical Approach to Novel Writing”


To be in Rome during the year of the four emperors must have been difficult. To be in Rome and a Christian during the year of the four emperors must have been murder!

The Music of Swords

Eimear is born into a world of suffering, growing up alone after the violent death of her parents, a Gruagach from the Fae realm and a human witch. With the help of the Duillechans who watch over her, her Gruagach stepfather, and an unlikely group of allies, she must travel the treacherous paths of theContinue reading “The Music of Swords”


One of the main characters in the gladiatorial games was Charon. It was his task to shepherd the dead over the Styx. In Iron, coming in the summer, Charon carries a sickle so he can help those who are not quite dead to reach the river. Cliodhna witnesses Charon killing the wounded in the arenaContinue reading “Charon”