Release Schedule (revised)

Here’s the PH Publishing planned release schedule for 2020, the year of perfect vision.

A Prelude to War

A Prelude to War, The Milesians was released on February 28th. It is the tale of a king who is too weak to rule, a queen who is defiled by one from whom she sought succor and a hero who crosses boundaries to the extent he loses all control.

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The Hidden Syndicate

The Hidden Syndicate is due for release on April 30th. It is the complete tale of Inspector Izzo and Archie Moses all rolled into one. There are new bits and the previous three books have been heavily edited.

Milesian Daughter of War

Milesian Daughter of War is due for release August 30th. Queen Medb has tried everything to get her revenge on King Conor. All has failed, so now she has decided on war. She fabricates a grievance against one of his chieftains and invades Ulster. Only, Medb did not count on the youthful hero of Ulster and her war does not go to plan.

The Alcoholic Mercenary

The Alcoholic Mercenary is due for release on October 30th. Andrea became a merc when he was dishonorably discharged from the Col Moschin, Italy’s most elite regiment. Rescued from his alcoholism by the capo di tutti, his principles are sorely tested when his brother is brutally murdered in what he thinks is an internecine conflict.

Milesian Brother of Justice

Milesian Brother of Justice is due for release on December 25th (Christmas, Yippee). Cathasach The Vigilant used to be a druid, but when he saw the injustice of the tribal feudal system, he decided to work for the people. When Lee Fliath is made known to him by the witch Niamh, he takes up the youth’s cause, despite suspecting it would fail.

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