Countdown to publication, BP (before publication). Although dead a century by the time of Hammer, Caesar played a significant part in Micheal’s research. Caesar’s The Gallic War is a significant source of information about the Celts and their culture.

The Last Five Swords — Review

What can I say about this book? The Last Five Swords returns to the type of epic fantasy I loved as a boy. Black and white images and short introductions at the start of each chapter returned me to authors like Jeffrey Farnol and Robert Jordan. Little mores written in Gaelic with a translation lendContinue reading “The Last Five Swords — Review”

A Note on Language

We at PerchedCrowPress have two writers on our books who write novels based in Ancient Ireland. Micheál Cladáin and John De Búrca have both faced criticism for using anachronistic language. In Micheál’s case, it has always been a generic “the language can be too modern”. However, for John, actual turns of phrase have been highlighted,Continue reading “A Note on Language”

Author Page – John

John lives on the mysterious and rugged shores of the West of Ireland in Galway. From a young age, John was immersed in the rich traditions of Irish oral language storytelling, amassing a vast collection of mythology and folklore. He joined a storytelling group when he could find one and started to hone his skills.Continue reading “Author Page – John”