The Reticent Detective Synopsis

Due for release in the autumn:

We are all outside the law, just some of us are further out than others.”

Laconto is a police inspector with a past he does not want to discuss. He’d graduated the academy with ideals buoyed by innocence, only to have them crushed by policing a quasi-dystopian state, ruled by gangsters.

Like Laconto, Welch is a cop, but she is also a listener. She encourages the inspector to break down his walls. Beguiled by her charms, Laconto recounts his journey from fledgling with a dream of crushing organized crime, to Senior Investigator in the Anti-Mafia Directorate. Welch hears about a transvestite mugger, his lover, and two bent cops, all being manipulated by an unscrupulous Agent.

Gigi, dealt a heavy hand, rebels against the institutions there to nurture him. He turns to petty crime, which leads to a term in a Detention Centre, where he meets and falls in love with a like-minded boy. They become soulmates. Back on the outside, they cross a local boss and young love is torn apart by murder and a return to prison.

Subdolo and Colino are on the payroll of the local Mafia. They have no scruples and see Laconto as a threat to their status quo. What begins as a crusade to keep the recruit out of their business, ends in the tragic death of Laconto’s stepfather.

Spione is on a mission. An agent on the Secret Service Mafia desk, he wants to crush organized crime. Unlike Laconto, Spione will do anything to achieve his goals. He conducts a sting operation that fails and brings him face-to-face with the detective. Convinced that Laconto is bent, and the cause of the failure, he sets out to destroy him.

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