Living the Life

I have often been asked why I write about organized crime and corruption in Southern Italy. What could I possibly know about it? I admit, I am no Roberto Saviano, however, I lived in a village north of Naples for thirteen years. I saw first hand the life the locals led, governed by La Camorra, who provided work as well as protection. I was there when Berlusconi was arrested outside Castel Uvo by the Carabinieiri. I watched them lower his head into the back of an Alpha Romeo from the steps to the BA offices where I was buying tickets. I was present at a punishment shooting where an unauthorized petty-criminal was knee capped outside my local bar. I was asked by the local boss to go out on a Zodiac in the middle of the night to collect contraband off a Russian freighter.

Much of the material in my books is based on events that I witnessed first hand. The next instalment, The Reticent Detective, tells the story of an idealistic detective who wants to right the wrongs. It is currently at various publishers, but whatever happens, will be published in the autumn.

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