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John lives on the mysterious and rugged shores of the West of Ireland in Galway. From a young age, John was immersed in the rich traditions of Irish oral language storytelling, amassing a vast collection of mythology and folklore. He joined a storytelling group when he could find one and started to hone his skills.

John’s debut novel, The Last Five Swords, is an epic fantasy adventure set in a dark and beautiful ancient Ireland. It will be published by PerchedCrowPress in the Autumn.


When Eoghan and Rúadhan find a girl up a tree, it heralds an epic journey.
Rhíona is a Fae princess on a quest to find a hero. She is hunted by her father and his agents, ambassadors and assassins, all set on thwarting her plan.
They soon fall in with Donnacha, an archer with a secret.

Together, the four enlist the help of the last of the fénnid. A world-weary group, far removed from the legends described in fireside stories.

In the dying days of magic in Ireland, the motley band sets out to find the greatest champion ever known: a man long thought dead. There is no other choice because only Fionn Mac Cumhal can save Ireland one last time.

“Wonderful Irish fantasy storytelling by debut author, John de Burca” — Conor Kostick, international bestselling author of Epic.

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John is working on his second novel; a prequel to The Last Five Swords.

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