Planned Release Schedule


The Alcoholic Mercenary is the story of Andrea, ex-para, reformed alcoholic, servant to the most powerful man in Southern Italy, if not the whole peninsular.

Can he keep the grappa at bay, or will unrequited love and murder force him back?


Milesian Brother of Justice is the story of Genonn, the disillusioned Druid who has decided to fight for the rights of the common people.

The Battle of Gairech has left the Five Kingdoms in turmoil and his desire to do good is stretched beyond breaking.


The Reluctant Mother is the story of Anna Maria, mother of twin boys, who is determined not to take on the mantle of Matriarch of the clan after her husband’s murder.

Will she succeed in keeping the temptation of rich rewards at bay?


Milesian Suppression (working title) is the story of how Genonn defends Druid Island and the Five Kingdoms from the long-feared Roman invasion.

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