Selling Hard Truths

I am not sure I can call them truths, not in my chosen speciality, pre-Christian Ireland. There were no written records at the time, the “truths” were passed on by the druids as a verbal tradition. They were committed to paper hundreds of years after the alleged events by monks prone to flowery exaggerations. So, at best, they are unreliable and at worst, simply untrue.

Putting that aside, the unreliable untruths I was told as a child turn out wholly different from those I have uncovered during my research. In the tales that were told to me, there was no mention of Cuchulainn’s psychopathic tendencies, the promiscuity of Medb, nor the evil of Conor Mac Nessa. I do not recall any mention of Conor’s rape of Medb, nor of Cuchulainn’s murder of the women at court after the death of Dervla. I do not recall any detail of Cuchulainn’s death, which was gruesome to put it mildly.

It seems I am not alone. One of my practice readers asked me if my stories are set in pre-Celtic Ireland. “These are not stories about the Celts, surely?” The actual question. “The Celts were musicians and poets. Jewellery makers. Not brutes.” Yes, they were all those things, but they were also brutes. They did take the heads of their battle victims. They did commit ritual sacrifices. They did consider rape and pillage as entertainment.

And my last work, Milesian Son of Light, relates those things. It does not gloss over the indelicacies of the pre-Christian tribes of Ireland.

For a free KU version:

The next in line for release is the Omnibus tale of Conaire and Cuchulainn, A Prelude to War, available for pre-order at:

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