Coming 31st August

Milesian Daughter of War

The Romans are coming.

The Five Kingdoms are fractious and unprepared.

The Daughter of War will countenance nothing else.

Queen Medb has been unsuccessful in her attempts to punish Conor Mac Nessa for raping her on the banks of the Boyne. Her vengeance has left a trail of bodies across the Five Kingdoms. Rather than admit defeat, the Queen pressures the kings into mustering their armies to bring war to the Ulaid. Her professed target, the prize bull, Donn Cuailnge, her actual target, the head of Mac Nessa, king of the Ulaid.

“It takes a great deal of courage to pick up something so well-loved as the Irish sagas of the Red Branch and the Milesian Kings and dust them off. But the author has managed to do this very well.”

 David Ebsworth, renowned historical author.

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