Kath Eyer

About After Gáirech

“After Gáirech” is the third installment ‘The Milesians’ series by Micheál Cladáin a very well written historical roman, which delves into Ireland mythological sources and brings to life the legendary characters, bestowing them humanity and making them fully relatable, real flesh and blood characters, fully embodied in their historical context at the turn of the common era. Micheál Cladáin reminds of Ellis Peters (Brother Cadfael Chronicles) procedurals and Peter Tremayne (Sister Fidelma Mysteries) outstanding story knowledge, while having a wholly original story telling and a profound understanding of Irish mythology, that allows him to transport the reader into the time to meet the real person behind the ‘legends’ and witness a period of Irish history that usually is only encountered in myth and legends.

“After Gáirech” follows Gennonn, who after the battle of Gáirech, struggles to bring to justice the murders of his father (Cathbadh, a member of the Elder Council), who hide in their states. The Council of Elders demands proof of the deed, a proof Genonn can only find with Connall’s help, who is gone looking for Cú Chulainn’s head, and thus to be able to present his proof before the Elders and avenge his father, Genonn must first find Connall. A party of four composed of Genonn, Bradán (a warrior tasked with protecting late Cathbadh), Lee Flaith (son of High King Connaire), and Fedelm (a seeress in training) embarks into the quest to find Connall and bring the necessary proof before the Elder Council.

A wonderful, interesting, knowledgeable yet fully entertaining story, which will satisfy readers acquainted with Irish mythology, and those without any previous familiarity with the stories alike.