A Tech Approach to Novel Writing

What’s it all About

There is so much advice on social media about how to make the most of writing potential, how to become a bestseller and wow the reading world. Some of it is good. Most of it is nonsense.

Example: “Do not use simple words” — already bad advice, which the author then compounded with:

“Instead of writing, I walked home, write limped, or skipped, or stumbled…” — of course, limped, skipped and stumbled are not synonyms of walked. I often walk to the pub and then stumble home, two different actions in and of themselves.

So what do I aim to achieve with this blog? Offer more nonsensical advice? No, there is enough. However, what I have found in my forays into the world of writing advice is a lack of practical examples. Too much telling and not enough showing.

I am about to begin work on the second book in my Time to Say Goodnight series. I will not offer any advice but will record the process from concept to publication in a series of blogs outlining the process I follow, stumbling blocks and successes, with tips and hints along the way.

Those of you new to the writing world will see what exactly I do and can decide if it would be right for you.

I will publish my first vlog on Monday next week, describing how I take a concept and turn it into something more concrete.



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