Micheál Cladáin

Micheál has been an author of historical fiction for many years.

Relaxing with feet up in Malta

What’s Going On

Chilling in the lock down. Doing a little gardening and some writing. Attended a virtual retreat last week. No distancing guidelines were broken. Check out the story at: https://philhughespublishing.com/2020/05/05/lockdown-learning/


Micheál spent a lifetime living and working in Continental Europe as an editor in the IT industry. He took up full time writing recently after dipping his big toe in the water for many years.

Micheál studied the classics and developed a love of ancient culture and mythology. Because of his roots, he chose to write in the Celtic tradition rather than the Greek or Roman traditions.


Micheál is passionate about writing, of course, but he also has a long list of other interests, including: chess, motorbikes, cooking, eating, and gardening.

Current Projects

Milesian Daughter of War – Queen Medb of Connacht is on the rampage, plunging the Five Kingdoms into a conflict they can ill afford.

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